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Then he discovered each day a little more players fifa 17 ut coins, Unai Emery seems already to have conquered. Statements from each other in this direction.


There is a little over two weeks after three years in the capital and the results unsatisfactory, Laurent Blanc was sacked by Paris Saint-Germain fifa 17 ut coins for sale

. Fast fifa 17 coins In the aftermath, Unai Emery, who led Sevilla to three consecrations in the Europa League, put his bags in the Paris Club to take over.


And if the Paris adventure Blanc was dotted with critics, players sometimes not spared, between internal hiccups (with Marquinhos), fut 17 coins public criticism (as Aurier, Van der Wiel or Sirigu) or equity position against his own opinion (Luiz who refused to go to Marseille, or Silva, who gave his own instructions).


The boiling Unai Emery hailed by Sevilla fifa coins, recognized for its rigor and determination to succeed in the Capital Sell FIFA 17 Coins PC, obviously contrasts with the phlegmatic Laurent Blanc.


"It's awesome. If he managed to do nice things with Sevilla, thanks to work. You'll see! This is a guy who lives football, which leaves nothing to chance buy fifa 17 coins, he strongly emphasizes the details. it's a passionate, he sends you this energy and desire to demonstrate to work more, to excel. it makes extensive use words work and respect ", had also explained Krychowiak on arrival in the French capital.