FUT Coins Official: The Football God remains the Eintracht faithful

Best FIFA 17 UT Coins Store The Football God 'runs on at least two more years for Eintracht Frankfurt. As the Hessen officially notified, Alexander Meier extended his 2017 expiring contract prematurely for a further year. Even after the end of his active professional career, the striker of the SBU will hold the rod. The continued employment at the club will fut coins ". Defined at the appropriate time in more detail" "When this issue came up buy cheap fifa coins, it was very important to me - especially in view of the future - Alex Meier continues prematurely to bind to the Eintracht. We wanted to set an example and its achievements to date, the club loyalty, assessed accordingly safe fut coins, thus the harmony is an important role model continues to receive, "said sporting director Fredi Bobic the deal.

Sporting director Bruno Hübner is pleased about the successful agreement: "Alex Meier has done tremendous service to the unity and has an extremely important role in the entire environment and to the fans. There is something special when a player as long for a club plays and the possibility is still so successful. That Alex until buy cheap fifa coins at least 2018 remains an eagle is for all of us a great thing and an important sign of continuity and stability in this otherwise often fast moving football business. "

Meier, who 'wears the jersey of, Adler since 2004, makes the following comment about his decision: "I say yes for many years, that I have found in my Frankfurt football home because I just feel very comfortable here. The city fast fut coins, the people, the fans in the stadium - it everything is just right and I am pleased that the club continues to give me confidence, and I certainly hope that I stay healthy Buy FIFA 17 Coins Xbox 360. I feel good and want to play the next two years at the highest possible level and help the team. "In 353 appearances for Eintracht Meier scored 131 hits and contributed 53 assists in.